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Multi Ethnic Girls


International conventions against the use of rape in conflicts do exist -

but are not respected!

During post-war court trials rape is treated as the least significant of war crime acts.

For the victims legal justice is their only hope to regain integrity and security,

yet the perpetrators move about freely without being brought to justice,

even when wars and conflicts have ended

Impunity must be shattered and justice become the norm.

 "End rape in conflict zones" must be put on the political agenda!

Book of French Laws


Name of Association:



Association Base:  

City of Copenhagen 



 The objective of the Association is to highlight and combat sexual abuse, including rape being used as a weapon of war with no legal consequences, because sexual abuse in peacetime is a culture that grows to monster size during armed conflicts. 


The objective will be achieved by disseminating the film Mission Rape – A tool of war, produced by Sfinx Film, as well as by holding conferences, filming interviews and lectures on the subject, nationally and internationally.


Funds for achieving this objective will be acquired through donations made by private associations, foundations, organizations and private individuals for the purpose of furthering the objective



 The Association has added two new binary names, WAYSTOJUSTICE and NORAPE.ORG



 Membership shall be open to anyone who is willing to work for the objective, and may be obtained by written application to the Association Board. 


The Board may exclude a member if that member acts in opposition to the Association’s objectives and decisions. 



The membership fee shall be set at the Annual General Meeting. 


The membership fee must be paid by 31 December each year, and will be valid for the subsequent year. 


The Association’s members shall not be personally liable for commitments entered into by the Association, for which the Association shall be solely liable with its assets. 



 The Association shall be managed by a board of three members, elected at a General Meeting for a period of three years at a time, however the founders, film directors Annette Marie Olsen and Katia Forbert Petersen, are both permanent members of the board.



 The Board shall lay down its own rules of procedure and shall constitute itself with a chairperson and treasurer. 


Board meetings shall be held when the chairperson or treasurer deems it necessary, or when two board members so require. 


The Board shall take its decisions by simple majority of votes, and shall possess a quorum if at least two members are present. 



 The supreme authority of the Association shall be the Annual General Meeting, which shall be convened before the end of May each year. 


Extraordinary General Meetings may be held as required by the Board. 


General Meetings shall be convened at 14 days’ written notice to the members. 

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by submitting an agenda at four days notice. 


The General Assembly shall elect a meeting chair to conduct the negotiations, and a minute-taker to record the minutes. 


At the General Assembly, the Board shall submit a report and present the accounts for the past year for approval.


In addition, the Board shall be elected every three years. 


The decisions of the General Assembly shall be taken by simple majority of votes. 



The Association’s accounts shall follow the calendar year. 


If the Association so wishes, the Board may appoint a registered or certified public accountant. 


The assets of the Association shall be responsibly deposited with a reputable bank, possibly in the form of securities. 



 The Association shall be bound by the signature of its chairperson or treasurer. 



 The adoption of any resolution to amend the articles of association or dissolve the Association shall require a two-thirds majority of all the members at a General Meeting. If such a majority is not achieved, a new General Meeting may be convened at which a resolution to amend the articles of association or dissolve the Association may be adopted by a two-thirds majority of those in attendance.



 In the event of the dissolution of the Association, the Association’s assets shall accrue to individuals, organisations and associations working for similar objectives. 


Hereby adopted, date:  August 7th 2014


Renewed and changed, date: April 12th 2023

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